Thursday, April 21, 2011

Portland Gas and Coke Company

This building was behind a chain linked fence with rolled barbed wire on top and in a restricted area with video surveillance. My husband pulled up next to the fence, I hopped out, stood on the truck bed, then climbed on top of the canopy and was able to get 3 bracketed exposures before security started walking towards us. I climbed down, we hopped in the truck, and drove away!

This was where my husband's grandfather worked. (I did a little digging and found out some info.) It was built in 1913 and the factory produced gas from oil and also created briquettes, electrode pitch, naphthalene and Gasco motor fuel. Today, the effect of all of those chemicals is a big, messy Superfund site that is entirely fenced off to keep people away from the contamination.

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