Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Indian Trade Shop and Dispensary

My Credit Union is having it's annual photo contest again this month. (Last year I won with my Olympic National Park photo). No pressure this year, right? The theme has always been the Great Northwest, but they changed it this year to "New Perspective". I guess they were tired of all the waterfall and beach pictures, because now they are looking for something that shows our spirit or culture. The deadline to submit is May 31st and I didn't submit a picture until yesterday. I think it was my best one suited for the theme and after I sent it in, I had two people from marketing comment how great a picture it was. That hasn't happened - ever. I was a little hesitant to send in a portrait layout photo because the calendars are usually done in landscape, but I figured if they liked my pic enough, it wouldn't matter. The clouds are what  make the picture.

This is of the Indian Trading Shop and Dispensary at Fort Vancouver - which was the Hudson's Bay Company (fur trading) headquarters for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.

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