Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 31 - January 20, 2011 - On the Right Track

I can't tell you how many times I have driven past this train car...and with my camera sometimes, just dying to take a picture of it! I was too big of a weenie to stop and take pictures though because sometimes there are guys out working on the tracks, (which would have been a cool picture too), it's on a busy street and I wanted a cool cloudy sky. All sorry excuses, I know, so yesterday I parked my car and walked down to this beautiful train. I brought only my zoom lens and left the other in the car because I didn't think that I needed it. It turns out that I did, (isn't that always the case),  but I took some pictures anyway. I wish I had been able to get the whole train in the picture (note to self: bring other lens with you - ALWAYS) but it is what it is. I took yesterdays picture of the farm thingy and this train in HDR. I love me some HDR!

I re-edited this train picture and wanted to share that version because I can't decide which one I like more.

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