Thursday, February 3, 2011

45/365 - Moon Girl

I walked the Waterfront Renaissance Trail this afternoon and came across this beautiful bronze sculpture. I assumed it was Sacajawea because I was close to the Lewis and Clark Trail, but I went home and did a little digging before I titled this post, "Sacajawea". Good thing I did! This is Ilchee, known as Moon Girl. She was the daughter of Chief Comcomly, the "one-eyed chief" of the Chinook Tribe and befriender not only of Lewis and Clark, but also of the early settlement at Astoria. The 7ft. tall 700 lb. bronze statue and the small plaza in which it is located, honor the Chinook people. I chose to post a close up of "Ilchee Bronze" because she just looks so regal and majestic.

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